Code: DA0280

FAL Conservation Adopt a Penguin Pack


Adopt a King Penguin at the remote colony of Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands for 12 months.

The package includes a registration form, adoption letter, a colourful photograph, a Volunteer Point information leaflet, a postcard and a pin badge.

Once you have received your pack, your will need to follow the instructions on the registration form and either fill it in and send it to us, or fill in your form online at . Once you have registered you will be sent a personalised certificate, a copy of Wildlife Conservation in the Falkland Islands magazine, and regular Falklands Conservation Newsletter updates. In order to register, you will need the following details:

1) The name of the person who is adopting the penguin.

2) The email address of the adopter, so we can send the newsletter by email, or postal address.

3) The name you wish to give the penguin.

Note - We will only use your email address to deliver the newsletter electronically.

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