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76p Plym

Plym was a small, steam-powered tug built in 1903 by Willoughby Brothers of Plymouth, Devon. She had an overall length of 50’, a beam of 10’, and her twin cylinder engine enabled her to make 8 knots. During the Boxing Day Sports meeting of 1908, which was held on the green at Whalebone Cove, Plym was in attendance “to convey ladies, small children and the infirm, and made two trips from the East Jetty at 9am and 9.45 respectively”. On November 12th, 1912, together with the tug Samson she was called to the aid of the stricken mail and passenger ship Oravia which had run onto the Billy Rock. In 1929 when she was converted to a lighter. Today, rather fittingly, the skeletal remains of this little tug lie beached at the northern end of Whalebone Cove.

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