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FAL160 Wrecks Part 3 £1.01 Stamp: Stamp cancelled

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£1.01 Philomel

Philomel was a motor fishing vessel built by J G Forbes & Company of Sandhaven, Aberdeenshire in 1945. She had an overall length of 75.5’, a beam of 19’ and a 7.75’ draught. Her hull was framed in oak and clad with larch. She was powered by a 140hp Blackstone Lister diesel engine and could carry around 40 tons of cargo. The vessel was purchased by the Falkland Islands Government and arrived in the Falklands on February 11th, 1948 at a total cost of around £14500. She was operated as a coastal supply ship around the islands until being replaced in 1966 by mv Forrest. The Falkland Islands Monthly Review of 4th September 1967 noted “This little vessel has served the Colony well and camp people will, we are sure, miss her welcome calls with cargo and mails.” Philomel was sold to Mr Freddie Jones. In February 1969, “Cracker” Jack Davis borrowed her to tow the Protector 3 around to New Island. On July 2nd 1971 Philomel caught fire while at anchor off the FIC west jetty. She was towed by the tug Lively, to her final resting place at Fairy Cove where she continued to burn until Sunday 4th, becoming a total loss.

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