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FAL160 Wrecks Part 3 £1.22 Stamp: Stamp mint

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£1.22 Protector

A minesweeper built in Nova Scotia in 1943, The 163-ton Protector (full name Protector III) arrived in Britain too late to sweep mines after World War 2. She was briefly employed in the East Anglian shell fishery before, in 1949, she heading south to the Falklands as part of a Falkland Islands Government-backed sea lion hunting project at Albemarle on West Falkland. A lack of seals condemned the enterprise to failure after just 3 seasons. Thereafter, she sporadically ran cargo around the islands, especially livestock and mutton carcasses. Eventually she became the property of Jack Davis who, in 1969, towed her around to his home at New Island, where he intended to “do her up”. Alas, before the year was out, Jack had passed away. To this day, Protector remains on the beach in Tigre Harbour where he left her. In March 1986 the old ship was called upon for one last special duty when Mike Goodwin and Sandy Ward were married on the afterdeck and champagned on the bridge. The bride was given away by the late Bob Ferguson who 4 decades earlier had sailed aboard her as an able seaman.

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