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FAL162 Feathers £0.78 Barn Owl Full Sheet


78p Barn Owl - Tyto alba tuidara

The Barn owl is one of the species in the world which can be found, in various forms, on six of the seven continents. The feathers are significantly darker than of those birds found in Europe. Owl feathers differ significantly in structure to other birds due to the importance of silent flight for these nocturnal hunters. Owls use their extremely accurate and sensitive hearing to locate their prey, and for this reason they must be able to fly silently in order not to interfere with this special adaptation. Owl feathers are very soft with a special comb-like leading edge, which almost completely eliminates noise as they fly. This feather structure has a downside: owls are not particularly waterproof and Barn owls in particular tend not to be able to hunt in wet weather.

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