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The Old Post Office House at Fox Bay, West Falkland, is the oldest
remaining Post Office building in the Falkland Islands, and it is now
celebrating its 100th Anniversary. According to official documents a
small wireless station was opened at Fox Bay on 1st November 1918 and
from then onwards, the wireless operator on duty there also combined the
work of the Post Office. This house was built in 1918 for the wireless
operator, who then also took over the duties as Postmaster. The Post
Office remained in this house until the mid 1980's when it moved into
the village store. Later it moved to the office of the Village Agent and
that is where it is still located today. The Old Post Office House is
one of the historically most important buildings on West Falkland, and
many of the older folks in the islands have memories of it being the
"official" house on the West, not only for postal matters, but also for
registrations of marriages, births and deaths, and many other official

In 2014, Stefan Falkland Heijtz was able to acquire this house, and
after several seasons of renovations together with Hugh Osborne, the
house has returned to an attractive and more original state. The old
Post Office part on the far right has been turned into a Post Office
museum and it is the most southerly Postal Museum in the world! The Post
Office Museum was officially opened on 8 March 2015 and some 40-50
people, including many children, as well as Falklands Radio, attended.

The Museum is primarily, but not exclusively, showing the history of the
Post Office at Fox Bay, and the displays include a counter with postal
artifacts, the old wooden rack of mail boxes, mail bags, the old Post
Office safe, as well as information about and pictures of the postmarks
used at Fox Bay from 1899 onwards, when the first Post Office at Fox Bay
was opened. Another section of the Museum shows the development in
general of the postal service in the Falkland Islands, from 1852 onwards.

The locals at Fox Bay have been most supportive and interested in what
has been going on, and very complimentary about the results. So many
have a connection of some form to the house, and they have all loved
seeing it being returned to its former glory.

The Museum is open on demand all year around. When Stefan, who is also
the Museum Curator, is not in Fox Bay, the Village Agents will be happy
to open the Museum and House to anybody who wants to have a look, if
they are not too busy with some other duties. And when Stefan is in Fox
Bay, the Museum and House is open all the time.


An old picture of the house from the 1940's. The postmark is the type
used between 1914 and 1953, and the date November 1st 1918, is the date
when the wireless station and the house were formally brought into use.


The Old Post Office Scales of the Fox Bay Post Office. These scales are
from the early 1900's or earlier, and were used at the Fox Bay Post
Office for many years. They are now part of the Museum display and all
the weights are in ounces and pounds. The postmark is the type used
between 1968 and 2005, and the date 30 June 1994, was the last date when
ounces and pounds were used in the postal service of the Falkland
Islands. On 1 July 1994 the metric system was adopted, and weights are
now in grams and kilograms instead.


On 21 January 2016 HRH the Princess Royal and her husband Vice Admiral
Sir Timothy Laurence visited the Fox Bay Post Office Museum. The
Princess Royal inaugurated the recently erected old Pillar Box (with the
Royal Cypher of her great great grandfather King Edward VII) by posting
the first piece of mail into it. Both the Princess Royal and her husband
signed the visitors book of the Museum and they were very interested in
the displays in the Museum and all the work that has been put into the
renovation of the entire building. The whole visit was framed by
beautiful sunny and warm weather, and was thoroughly enjoyed by
everybody. The background shows part of a wooden postmark box which is
displayed in the Museum. The postmark is the type used between 2005 and
2017, and the date 21 January 2016, was the date of the Royal Visit.


The Old Post Office and Museum as it looks today after having been
restored to its former glory. The Museum is located in the right-hand
part of the building, which is where the Post Office used to be. The
postmark is the type which is currently in use from 2017, and the date
28 November 2018 is the date of issue of this stamp set.

First Day Cover

This shows the oldest known picture of the Old Post Office House, from
1930, and in front is one of the postal markings hanging on a stand,
which is displayed in the Museum.

Text by Stefan Falkland Heijtz

Technical Details

Designer Bee Design

Printer Cartor Security Printing

Process Stochastic lithography

Perforation 13 ¼ x 13 ½ per 2cms

Stamp size 42 x 28mm

Sheet layout 10

Release date 28 November, 2018

Production Co-ordination Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd

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